Gunsmith Alan Tanaka has been crafting competition handguns since 1986. With his precision work, quality control, and commitment to customer needs, it is no wonder that top-notch shooters have turned to him for his services. 

A target shooter since his late teens, gunsmithing was a natural transition for Tanaka, uniquely melding his precision machinist skills and his knowledge of the intricate workings of firearms with his understanding of a shooter’s needs Alan Tanaka brings more than twenty years experience as a moldmaker/machinist to gunsmithing. As a machinist, he is skilled in milling, lathe work, precision surface grinding, and electrical discharge machining. In his daily work, he routinely deals with specifications calling for tolerances of +/- .0001 (one ten-thousandth) as required by the aerospace and computer industries.    

I give each of my clients my total attention to ensure that their individual needs are met. Closer tolerances and the time it takes to fit each component to function properly warrants total concentration. Therefore, I work on only one piece at a time so that my focus can be complete. I’m not a production line. This is not my vocation, but rather my avocation. Each piece I produce represents the very best that I can achieve. Even after the gun is completed and in your hands, I still feel a personal commitment to ensure that you, the client, are totally satisfied.

-Alan Tanaka